Kawayan Folk Arts presents Kadiliman, the tale of two mythological beings
in Philippine Folklore. Mayari, the moon, looks up to her older brother
Apolaki, the sun. A magic gift from their teacher, Galang Kaluluwa,
threatens the balance between the siblings in the sky.


Established in 2007, Kawayan Folk Arts’
mission is to promote, research, and explore
folk and contemporary performing arts based
on the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

Kawayan Folk Arts has performed for a vast audience,
from weddings to festivals to sporting events like
for the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants.


The Musicians

Kawayan Folk Arts musicians set the tone and atmosphere for Kadiliman, playing live music with authentic instruments from the Philippines' diverse cultural regions


The Artists

Hailing from all over the Bay Area, Kawayan Folk Arts artists are veteran dancers dedicated in their craft, telling stories through their characters

Tickets are limited in this
one night performance